Teacher training for Devine Essence Crystal healing system
Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy

Teacher training for DIVINE Essence Crystal healing system

Divine Essence Crystal Healing Academy
Teacher Training for Divine Essence Crystal Healing System.

This healing system works specifically with 24 crystals that are chosen to work with a multiplicity of symptoms ranging from mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. Many people are experiencing light body symptoms connected to their ascension process and we have high vibrational crystals included in the kit specifically to help lessen these symptoms and to increase the quotient of light in the client's body.

At this training weekend you will receive the following

  1. 6 high vibrational crystals to add to your crystal healing kit, to help you focus more on aiding self mastery and ascension with your clients.

  2. Teachers Manual with 24 meditations corresponding to the 24 crystals in your current kit.

  3. Training day workbook included in Teachers Manual for Divine Essence Crystal Healing and gridding day including initiations.

  4. You will receive a personal initiation to increase your ability to hold more light.

  5. Coaching in how to read and give meditations e.g. light and shade, pausing and voice projection.

  6. Client Care, details of Insurance, pricing structures and detail of kits for your future clients.

If you wish to become a Divine Essence Crystal Healing
Teacher, you must be a practicing certified practitioner for at least 6 months. This means you have completed the 4 modules receiving 24 crystals and the Crystal Healing and gridding day.

As a teacher, you will then have the choice to train individuals over a period of weeks through weekly meditation style meetings or over weekends. This system is an ideal way for an individual to make a deep and permanent connection to the crystal kingdom.

healing teacher

We also offer advanced teacher training that includes Sacred Wheel, Pendulum, Wand, Activation into Higher Consciousness, Crystal Skull. This training is held over two days.

Crystal Skull Practitioner Teacher Training is a one-day event.

Titanium Practitioner Training is also held over one day.

All teacher training is provided exclusively by Jacinta & Christy Murray twice yearly.

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